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As Summer moves along, our Maintenance and Operations Department has been busy with facilities these past few months. With many projects such as resurfacing the playground and parking lot at Maidu, improving turf fields at Cavitt and Greenhills for athletic activities, and adding over fifty new HVAC units at four sites, our dedicated staff is committed to ensuring that our facilities are well-maintained and ready for our teachers, support staff and students on the first day of school. 
Staff working on fields, playgrounds and HVAC units.

The Top Performing TK-8 DistrictTop of Page

We are very pleased to share that, once again, our district was highlighted in the Sacramento Bee for the outstanding performance of our students (see news article link HERE).  The graphs in the article show EUSD as leading in the percentile of students exceeding mastery of the state standards.  Please note that EUSD students outperform all TK-8 districts in the region in BOTH English Language Arts and Mathematics.  

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