Eureka Union
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To complete the new student registration process for your student, please bring a copy of your online confirmation and the following documents to your school of residence (Note: For pending or approved Intra/Interdistrict transfers, please bring the documents to your school of preference.):
  1. Child's Original Birth Certificate*
  2. Proof of Residency* See Details Below
  3. Child's Current Immunization Records*
*Documents are due as part of the Registration process.
The documents below are for your reference and provide detailed information about the required documentation.

Proof of ResidencyTop of Page

Parent/Guardian must present one of the following in parent(s) or legal guardian(s) name for residence verification:
  • Utility Bill or
  • Garbage Bill or
  • Home Telephone Bill (cellular phone bills are not acceptable) or
  • Letter from Social Services verifying residency (verification must be current - within past 30 days) or
  • Home Purchase Agreement/Contract (utility bill required within 30 days of move-in date)

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Health FormsTop of Page

In addition to completing the appropriate Pre-Registration procedures, children entering into 1st grade are required to provide the following documentation.
  1. Physical Form (CHDP)- This is a requirement for 1st grade, but we provide it for incoming Kindergarten students because it is valid for up to 18 months prior to entering 1st grade. Please be advised that the physical examination must be after February 2017 in order to comply with this requirement. Must be completed by a doctor, signed, and stamped.
  2. Oral Health Form- Must be completed and signed (or stamped) by a dentist prior to May 31st of the student's first year in a California public school.

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