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Dear EUSD Parents,

Thank you for coming to our Information Night last night.  It was a packed house!   If you are interested in having your child participate in our GATE Program, please be aware of the following timeline:  

GATE 2019-20 Timeline

**Here is the GATE PRESENTATION  that was shown during the meeting.


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     We wish to invite your student(s) to participate in GATE (Gifted and Talented Education Program) testing for eligibility.  This invitation is going out to ALL families who have students currently in the 3rd – 7th grades in our District.  Despite lack of specific funding from California for GATE programs, Eureka Union School District is proud to offer universal screening to all parents interested in having their child tested.  However, please note that we can only allow a student to participate in the District’s testing for eligibility twice, because of the lack of funding.
The board-approved (and GATE committee recommended) screening test EUSD will utilize is the Naglieri Non-Verbal Ability Test (NNAT-3).  This test is considered by experts in the field of intelligence research to exhibit significant validity and reliability across diverse populations.  Specifically, it measures nonverbal reasoning and general problem-solving abilities.  For more information about the test, please follow this LINK.  
For a list of some general characteristics of gifted children, you may consult this LINK from the National Association for Gifted Children.  
If you are interested in having your child tested, you will need to complete BOTH steps of the registration process. 
  1. Please register your student(s) via this online form.
  2. We will also need the attached  Testing Consent Form completed for each student you have registered.  This form must be downloaded, completed and signed (wet signature).  Alternatively, you may pick up this form from the school office, or the district office receptionist.  Once the Testing Consent Form is complete, please return it to either school or district office.
Upon receipt, we will schedule your child for testing on February 22nd, 25th or 27th.  We will try to honor your schedule request if possible.  We will email the testing schedules to families the last week of January.
Please refer to our District’s website for more information about our GATE and Enrichment programs.
For a faster response if you have any questions, please contact Ginna Myers ( or Cathy Bridge (

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Spelling Bee
We are pleased to announce that we are organizing our 2020 Spelling Bee Oral Competition!  This event will bring together the top spellers (Grades 4-8) from our district.  The 6 winners from each grade level will take the qualifying exams from Placer County Office of Education (PCOE).  PCOE will then select who will represent our district in the County Wide Spelling Bee competition.
Please take note of the following important dates:
  • December 4th - January 10th:  Each 4-6 and 7-8 site will hold qualifying spelling tests to determine their Spelling Champions.  Each site (Excelsior, Ridgeview, Cavitt and Olympus) will send a list of their TOP SIX SPELLING CHAMPIONS per grade level to the Eureka Union School District office.  
  • January 15th & 16th: Eureka Union School District will hold its District Wide Oral Competitions in the Board Room at the District Office, 5455 Eureka Rd., Granite Bay.  The schedules are as follows:
    • On January 15th
      • 3:00-4:00 pm - 4th graders
      • 4:00-5:00 pm - 5th graders
      • 5:00-6:00 pm - 6th graders
    • On January 16th
      • 4:00-5:00 pm - 7th graders
      • 5:00-6:00 pm - 8th graders
  • January 17th:  Winners from the January 15th & 16th competitions will take the qualifying exams from PCOE in the Board Room at the District Office.  PCOE will select who will represent the district. 
  • March 12th:  This is the date!  Placer County Spelling Oral Competition will take place on this date at the Seavey Center, 655 Menlo Dr., Rocklin.

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A student raising his handWe believe that the innate abilities of gifted students must be developed and nurtured through participation in exciting and challenging instruction.  They require modified, differentiated curriculum in order to ensure their growth and success.  Differentiation for GATE students in the Eureka Union School District may include:
  • Modifying content (what students learn)
  • Modifying process (how students learn)
  • Modifying product (how students demonstrate their knowledge).  
Students may be placed in an advanced mathematics class or reading group, or may be provided extensions to the standard curriculum.  Curriculum for GATE students should emphasize critical and creative thinking skills.

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A teacher giving a presentationA majority of the teachers in the Eureka Union School District have been trained to differentiate the needs of individual students, and many of our teachers hold a certificate in GATE instruction. This certificate represents 30 hours of professional training specific to the needs of our gifted learners.

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