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GATE EVENTS TIMELINE 2019-2020Top of Page

Dear Parents,

If you are interested in having your child participate in our GATE Program, please be aware of the following timeline:  

This shows the different dates of events for parents.

All parent nights are held at the district office board room and start at 6:00 pm and end at 7:00 pm.  All interested parents are invited to attend the October 15, to learn more about the district's program.  Parents who already have children participating in GATE need not attend.

2019 EUSD Spelling Bee WinnersTop of Page

EUSD held its third annual Spelling Bee Oral Competition.  We are proud to announce our winners:  
4th Place
  • First Place:  Makari Shenouda
  • Second Place:  Evan Karanjawala
  • Third Place:  Andrew Beasley
  • Fourth Place:  Nova Zhang
  • Fifth Place:  Thomas Murphy
  • Sixth Place:  Jackson Garrett
7th Place
  • First Place:  Aditya Gunturi
  • Second Place:  Amre Abumarkhieh
  • Third Place:  Anna Yu
  • Fourth Place:  Brody Redline
  • Fifth Place:  Richard Grube
  • Sixth Place:  Shreya Amin
5th Place
  • First Place:  Alyssa Howell
  • Second Place:  Andrew Stroub
  • Third Place:  Tanvi Choutkuri
  • Fourth Place:  Krishna Bangalore
  • Fifth Place:  Alina Khangura
  • Sixth Place:  Abigail Flinn
8th Place
  • First Place:  Ayaan Keval
  • Second Place:  Simran Mahajan
  • Third Place:  Jonathan Webber
  • Fourth Place:  Alisha Bansal
  • Fifth Place:  Tryten Platt
  • Sixth Place:  Alexa Boyer
6th Place
  • First Place:  Ella Wang
  • Second Place:  Aubrey Miller
  • Third Place:  Mahalina Vaka
  • Fourth Place:  Iman Tahir
  • Fifth Place:  Macy Coad
  • Sixth Place:  Andrei Felt
 2019 EUSD Spelling Bee Oral Competition Winner
Congratulations to Ayaan Keval! 
Ayaan, pictured here with his family, is a student from Olympus Junior High School.
He is our first place winner in the 8th grade competition
during this year's  EUSD Oral Spelling Bee. 

2019 District GATE AssessmentsTop of Page

Thank you for your interest in our GATE program.  We have closed the registration for this year's EUSD GATE assessment.  We welcome you to have your student test next year if they will be in the third through seventh grade.  Watch for an email invitation coming out in December 2019.

2018 GATE Parent Information MeetingTop of Page

Thank you to all who were able to attend our 2018 GATE Parent Information Meeting!  We have shared the PowerPoint as well as the timeline below for anyone who would like more information regarding our GATE program.
Image result for GATE program images

CurriculumTop of Page

A student raising his handWe believe that the innate abilities of gifted students must be developed and nurtured through participation in exciting and challenging instruction.  They require modified, differentiated curriculum in order to ensure their growth and success.  Differentiation for GATE students in the Eureka Union School District may include:
  • Modifying content (what students learn)
  • Modifying process (how students learn)
  • Modifying product (how students demonstrate their knowledge).  
Students may be placed in an advanced mathematics class or reading group, or may be provided extensions to the standard curriculum.  Curriculum for GATE students should emphasize critical and creative thinking skills.

GATE TeachersTop of Page

A teacher giving a presentationA majority of the teachers in the Eureka Union School District have been trained to differentiate the needs of individual students, and many of our teachers hold a certificate in GATE instruction. This certificate represents 30 hours of professional training specific to the needs of our gifted learners.

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