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Dear EUSD Parents,
Thank you for coming and spending time with us last night.  Big thanks to Sean Healy and Olympus JHS staff for providing us a bigger venue to host this packed event.  Also, thank you to Mr. Mike Fischer, EUSD parent and Assistant Principal at Granite Bay High School for talking about the great programs GBHS offers to ALL students, GATE and non-GATE.
 Here is a link to the presentation from our September 14, 2017 GATE Parent Information Meeting:

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All EUSD parents are invited to attend GATE Information Night.
  • DATE: September 14, 2017
  • TIME:  6:00 pm - 7:00 pm
  • VENUE CHANGED: Olympus Junior High School, 2625 La Croix Dr, Roseville
This information night is designed to provide an overview of our District's GATE program, from identification of GATE eligibility to cluster grouping within classrooms.  Take note that for specific programs offered at each site, contacting the Principal is the most effective way of getting information.  
There is no need to RSVP for this event.  If you have questions, please call 916-774-1203 or email 
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2017-18 GATE News!!!Top of Page

Congratulations to all new EUSD GATE students!
Here are some news bits and bytes we wish to share:
  1. EUSD will transition to computer-based testing for GATE Identification.  Tests are envisioned to be administered the months of February to April.  
  2. Nomination or Referral forms for GATE are sent to sites in December.  EUSD's GATE Handbook describes the timeline in greater detail.
  3. A GATE Information Night is scheduled in September for any EUSD family wishing to learn more about our GATE program.  This is tentatively scheduled on September 14, from 6 pm - 7 pm.  
Have a great new academic year!
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Two GREAT Enrichment Camps for the Summer!Top of Page

EUSD is pleased to offer TWO enrichment camps for creative, advanced learners!
  • STEM Summer Camp is a 2-week camp that aims to introduce engineering design, scientific practices and design thinking to elementary students and consequently, increase readiness for NGSS (Next Generation Science Standards).  The camp is targeted towards addressing 1-2 scientific domains and will utilize the highly-rated Engineering is Elementary (EiE) curriculum from the Boston Museum of Science.  The camp is designed to foster love and appreciation for the sciences via engineering. Grades 3-4 students are invited to join Camp Galileo 1 and Grades 5-6 students are encouraged to participate in Camp Galileo 2! COST: $250.00.  Time: 1230-3:00 pm from July 17-28, 2017 at Excelsior Elementary School.  How is this camp different? Award Winning Curriculum + GATE-Certified EUSD Credentialed Teacher! Register by clicking HERE.  Please send your check to the district office.
  • RocketShip Math Camp: Math that is out of this World! Rocketship Math is a 2-week camp that aims to promote advanced mastery in Mathematics in focused target areas via project-based applications.  The camp aims to provide advanced and motivated students in Math authentic learning opportunities that are engaging and require creative and design thinking.  This class aims to address the learning needs of mathematically-proficient students, catapulting them into higher levels of mathematical proficiency standards.  Grades 2-3 students are invited to join Camp Einstein and Grades 4-5 students are encouraged to participate in Camp Galileo 2! COST: $200.00.  Time: 9:00-12:00 noon from July 17-28, 2017 at Excelsior Elementary School.  How is this camp different? Highly-rated Math Curriculum + Authentic Projects + GATE-Certified EUSD Credentialed Teacher! Register by clicking HERESend your check to the district office.
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2017 Spelling Bee Oral Competitions!Top of Page

We are pleased to announce the successful launch of our first ever Spelling Bee Oral Competitions!  The event brought together the top spellers (Grades 4-8) from our district for a competition.  The 6 winners from each grade level took the qualifying exams from Placer County Office of Education (PCOE).  PCOE will then select who will represent each district in the county for the County Wide Spelling Bee competition on March 9, 2017. 
Judging from the smiles of our winners from Grade 6, EUSD is ready and eager to bring home more trophies and awards soon!

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Parents who wish to recommend their child for GATE testing needs to be aware of the following:
  • EUSD only administers the GATE qualifying exam to 3rd grade - 7th students.
  • EUSD uses the OLSAT (Otis Lennon School Ability Test), a cognitive abilities test that measures scholastic achievement across all ages.
  • The OLSAT will be administered for Grade 3 on Monday, February 6 at Maidu Elementary School and for Grades 4 - 7 on Saturday, February 25 at the EUSD District Office.
Parents are advised to contact their child's teacher or school site principal to request a GATE referral form or to obtain more information.  The final date to submit a GATE referral form to the district office is January 13, 2017.
The Eureka Union School District is committed to a challenging and appropriate educational experience for all students.  In the Eureka Union School District, students identified as the Gifted and Talented are those who are exceptional due to their greater than average intellectual ability.  GATE students typically display the following characteristics:
  • Learn quickly, faster than peers
  • Retain and recall information
  • Display interest in complex and abstract concepts
  • See patterns, relationships, connections
  • Display an extraordinary degree of intellectual curiosity
  • Generate creative ideas to find solutions to problems
  • Have a passion for one or more topics
  • Command advanced verbal and written vocabulary
  • Have an advanced sense of justice, morality, and fairness
  • Are independent in work and study
The Eureka Union School District GATE Advisory Committee hosted a presentation by Dr. Barbara Branch as an opportunity to gain greater insights into the ways in which gifted children think and learn and explore differentiated instruction to meet our students’ needs.

Dr. Barbara Branch is the Executive Director of the California Association of the Gifted. Her presentation has been designed especially and specifically for parents of gifted students. The presentation focused upon the following important concepts:
  • Exceptionalities of the gifted
  • How gifted children think and learn
  • What differentiated instruction provides for gifted children

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We believe that the innate abilities of gifted students must be developed and nurtured through participation in exciting and challenging instruction.  They require modified, differentiated curriculum in order to ensure their growth and success.  Differentiation for GATE students in the Eureka Union School District may include:
  • Modifying content (what students learn)
  • Modifying process (how students learn)
  • Modifying product (how students demonstrate their knowledge).  
Students may be placed in an advanced mathematics class or reading group, or may be provided extensions to the standard curriculum.  Curriculum for GATE students should emphasize critical and creative thinking skills.

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All of the teachers in the Eureka Union School District have been trained to differentiate the needs of individual students, and many of our teachers hold a certificate in GATE instruction. This certificate represents 30 hours of professional training specific to the needs of our gifted learners.

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Students are first eligible for nomination for the Gifted and Talented designation at the end of their third grade year.  Students may be nominated by teachers, administrators, or parents, or by virtue of the student’s performance on the CAASPP test.  Once a student is nominated, they are provided additional assessment opportunities to determine their eligibility for GATE designation.  For more information about the qualification criteria, and specific GATE activities, please reference the district’s GATE Handbook attached above.

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