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>>>November 1 PD Day: A Day of Learning Content and CompassionTop of Page

November PD Day was a great day for all educators, with sessions in:
  • Science, provided by SASP (Sacramento Area Science Project)
  • ELA, provided by Amplify and Reading Wonders
  • E-Cigarettes/Vaping, provided by PCOE (Placer County Office of Education)
  • Math Games for CCSS, provided by UC Davis Math Project
  • Effective Practices to Promote Early Literacy, by Dr. Geri Keskey
Then we all went to the movies to see "Won't you be my neighbor?" to learn about inclusion, empathy and compassion! 
Wont you be my neighbor movie

November 1 PD DayTop of Page

>>>Thursday Afternoon Workshops Coming Up!Top of Page

We have three Thursday afternoon workshops lined up for 2019!
  • Explicit Direct Instruction: Learn about a highly effective strategy (Hattie, 2017).  Revisit EDI, its engagement norms and lesson design/delivery process. 
  • Test Wiseness in the Era of Common Core: A student's performance in these high stakes test should not be influenced with unfamiliarity with the testing format and success criteria.  This workshop will provide a general overview of the types of items in SBAC, exemplars of excellent work, and success criteria for meeting and exceeding standards.
  • The Socio-Emotional Lives of Boys and Girls:  Eureka Union School District prides itself with its unrelentless focus on addressing the mental wellbeing of the child.  This workshop will discuss the socio-emotional development of children up to the adolescent years, based on scientific research.

>>>2019 Thursday PM Workshop FlyersTop of Page

EDI Workshop
Socio-Emotional Development of Children
Test Wiseness for Common Core

We need YOU as a TIP Mentor!Top of Page

EUSD Accomplished Educator, we need YOU!
The application period is now open! Consider becoming a mentor under our Teacher Induction Program (TIP, formerly BTSA).  
Please check the application timeline by clicking on this LINK.
Complete your application HERE. 
Image result for coaching teachers
A teacher giving a presentation in front of other adults
                Jody Franz leading a Math training.
Parents looking at a student project
              TK-3 Math teachers mapping curriculum.

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