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The Physical Fitness Tests (PFT)

The physical fitness test (PFT) for students in California schools is based on the FITNESSGRAM® from Cooper Institute. The main goal of the test is to encourage students to develop life-long habits of regular physical activity.

All students in grades five, seven, and nine take the fitness test.  At EUSD, all students regularly perform activities that prepare them for the PFTs at all grade levels.

PFT consists of a battery of tests that address four fitness domains.  Each test consists of several test options where students can demonstrate level of fitness. For example, aerobic capacity could be demonstrated via the mile run, the PACER test or the walk test.  The test results can be used by students, teachers, and parents.  

When does testing commence? At EUSD, the window opens on February 1 and all test results are due on April 15 to allow for error correction.  For A.Y. 2016-17, we will use EADMS for data collection.  

PFT Resources

PFTs: More Information

Academic Achievement and Physical Fitness

In a seminal study by Grissom (2005), results indicated a consistent positive relationship between overall fitness and academic achievement. Not surprisingly, as overall fitness scores improved, mean achievement scores also improved.  The study was conducted in California and included a huge sample size of 884,715 students! Reading and mathematics scores on the Stanford Achievement Test (9th edition) were used to measure academic achievement.  
To access the whole article, click HERE.  
Neuroscientist John Medina talks about how exercise boosts brain power!  Check out this VIDEO from Brain Rules.

EUSD values physical fitness!

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