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We are "living in beta" this year as we pilot a new report card (Standards Performance Report) that is designed to be mastery-based, standards-aligned and provide more consistency and objectivity in grading.  Throughout this year, we will be gathering feedback from parents and teachers as well as organizing parent nights to explain the "what, why and how" of our new standards performance reports.  
Here are some quick facts:
  • From an A-B-C system, we will transition to a 3-2-1 rubric that is based on mastery of the skills and content specified in the California Common Core Standards and California Content Standards for other subject areas.  The use of this rubric emphasizes the nature of learning - that it is a continuum.  Percentages will still be utilized and provided to parents. 
  • Majority of the high-performing districts in our area (and elsewhere) have utilized this system for years in their elementary schools. School districts all over the country have transitioned to mastery-based report cards.
  • A committee of teachers, alongside administrators, have studied this plan for years, beginning in 2010, when the Common Core State Standards were implemented.
  • Our new report card system reflects a balance between academic performance and socio-emotional competence, acknowledging that without the latter, academic success is not possible. 
We welcome your feedback!  For those concerned about the effect of this change in grading system on student's motivation to learn, Dr. Charles Fay (of Love and Logic) provides great insight on how to inspire students to high achievement.  Click HERE to access the article.  
Want to learn more and provide feedback? We have scheduled two parent nights for our Grades 4-6 parents, on November 9 and December 7, 2016, from 6:00 - 7:00 pm.  These information sessions will be held at the District Office.  

Student Assessment NewsTop of Page

  • CAASPP Results are over 90% completed!  Student score reports are currently being generated for those whose scores are completed.  It is anticipated that student score reports will be available by the mid-August.  To learn more about California's assessment system, go to:
  • California Standards Test in Science will no longer be administered for 2017 in preparation for implementation of the Next Generation Science Standards.  
  • Physical Fitness Test Data are now available! Access the district scores HERE.  Student score reports will be disseminated by each school.  To learn more about the Physical Fitness Tests, click HERE.

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Standards Based Report Cards and Performance Progress ReportsTop of Page

Good news!
  • Grades TK/K-3 have successfully completed the pilot of CCSS-aligned report cards that reflect the critical knowledge and skills that our state standards require.  Grade level report cards are accessible through the document links on the right.
  • Grades 4-6 is set to pilot a "Performance Standards Report" that is CCSS-aligned for academic year 2016-17.  Parent guides could be accessed on the right.  
So what's new?
  • Our report cards not only reflect alignment with our state standards but also the value EUSD attaches to the education of the whole child.  Conative skills (or habits of successful learners) are provided equal weight in our reports.  
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