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Independent Study is a voluntary program in which students may be enrolled when it is necessary to be away from school for five or more days.


Parents wishing to enroll their children in the EUSD Independent Study program shall do so through the EUSD Master Agreement for Short Term Independent Study. The Master Agreement must be signed by the student, parent/guardian, teacher and Principal PRIOR to the first day of enrollment as an EUSD Independent Study student.


Parents must notify the School Principal, Designee or Office Staff of the need for requesting a Master Agreement for Short Term Independent Study NO LESS THAN FIVE (5) BUSINESS DAYS PRIOR to the initiation (first day) of the Agreement. Assignments will be provided on the school day prior to the entry date noted on the Master Agreement. All assignments must be returned to school no later that the school day following the exit date noted on the Master Agreement in order for the student to receive attendance credit.

Content of Agreement

Teachers will prepare specific assignments and expectations for student learning to be completed during the term of the Agreement. These learning expectations will be directly aligned with classroom instruction, to the extent possible.

Attendance Accounting

Full attendance credit will be given when all assignments are completed at the level of teacher expectation and are submitted in accordance with the timeline specified in the Master Agreement.

Draft 10-14-14
Amended 10-22-14

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