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The Eureka Union School District and the Eureka Schools Foundation are thrilled to offer the opportunity for the parents of our students to purchase a Chromebook for school and home use at the district pricing. This offer is optional and available to any student in our district, however; only grades 4 - 8 will be allowed to bring their own device to school at this time.


We have partnered with CDWG, one of our district vendors, to offer competitive pricing for a HP Chromebook 11 G6 - Education Edition which is appropriate for the work students will be completing at school. This device has been specifically selected to be compatible with the current 4-8 grade curriculum. In addition, the Chromebook 11 G6 - Education Edition is designed for school use as it is a sturdier product and similar to what the district purchases for the classroom.


Purchases can be placed using the link below. In order to avoid additional shipping costs, the Chromebooks will be delivered to the District and you will be notified when your child’s device is available for pick up at our District Office.


This offer will be available through Friday, August 24th (until midnight); however, to guarantee the best pricing, you may wish to order early, as pricing is subject to change.


If you choose to take advantage of the district’s educational pricing, and purchase a Chromebook for your student, we ask that you plan to have your student bring their Chromebook and charging cord to school with them each school day.  For those students that do not have their own device for use at school, there will be devices available for check out - similar to checking out a book at the library.


Please note: Students may choose to bring a previously purchased Chromebook or similar device to school under our “Bring Your Own Device” policy, but it should meet the following criteria:

  1. The student’s name must be on the device

  2. The device must be WIFI enabled and have a tactile keyboard

  3. The device must be able to access the student’s Google account


The district’s Acceptable Technology Use Agreement, with the guidelines for “bringing your own device” to school are available HERE.

Picture of Chromebook
Purchase of a Chromebook will be done through MySchoolBucks. 

If you do not yet have an account, you may enroll with the following simple steps:

  1. Go to  to register for an account.
  2. Please select Roseville Joint Union High School District as your School District.
  3. Add your students using their school name and student ID.

Click on the link to begin your purchase: MySchoolBucks 


MySchoolBucks Enrollment is easy!


If you are already using MySchoolBucks to pay for school meals, your account is already set-up and ready to go!  Just login and click on the new link to Student Store, Categories, then Technology.  If you are not seeing options under the Student Store, please make sure you have your student(s) added to your account. Please note that although access on our website is through the Nutrition Services Program, funds are held separately by Roseville JUHSD and Eureka USD and cannot be transferred between programs.

EUSD Chromebook & BYOD FAQsTop of Page

When can I order a Chromebook(s)?
Place order: Purchase your Chromebook(s) from August 6 - August 24.
Pick up: 4-6 weeks after purchase.
Where can I read more about the Chromebook and how much does it cost?  
The Chromebook details can be found on the Technology link on MySchoolBucks. The price for the HP Chromebook G6 Education Edition (more durable) is $242.54 which includes a recycling fee and taxes. An additional $2.50 is added for the MySchoolBucks program fee. Grand total is $245.04 for one Chromebook.   
Can I write a check instead of using credit card?  The MySchoolBucks program has an e-check option for payment. The parent would enter bank information for payment. Credit Card and e-checks are available for payment through MySchoolBucks.

Once I make my online order, when do I get my Chromebook(s)?
Chromebooks will be delivered to our District Office approximately 4-6 weeks after purchase. You will be notified when it is available and you will be able to pick up your Chromebook(s) at Eureka School District Office, 5455 Eureka Road, Granite Bay.

Can I purchase more than one Chromebook?
Yes, more than one Chromebook may be purchased.

Can I order online?
Yes, purchasing is only done online from August 3 - August 24.

What is the difference between the Chromebooks being offered through EUSD and a Chromebook I can purchase online from a different vendor?
The Chromebooks being offered through EUSD are “education grade” devices for use in schools. They are more durable devices. Name engraving is not available this year.

Can I write a check instead of doing my purchase online?
No, purchases are only done online through credit card.

Can I donate a Chromebook?
Yes, please contact the Superintendent’s Office at 774-1201 prior to purchasing.

Chromebook Campaign

Attn: Leslie Braun

Eureka Schools Foundation

How did this opportunity happen?

This is our second year for offering Chromebook purchases for families as it was a highly successful initiative last summer. The Eureka Union School District have been utilizing classroom technology, including Chromebooks for several years. It came to our attention when staff attended a regional Google Summit that districts throughout the area were offering the opportunity for students to purchase Chromebooks for use at school. EUSD has discussed options for BYOD for the past couple of years with the goal of increasing access to technology at school for all students. BYOD and the Chromebook offering was brought to our district’s Technology Committee and a recommendation was made to pursue it in partnership with the Eureka Schools Foundation who offered to be the sponsor of this amazing opportunity for our families. Together, we are committed to preparing our students for the future/21st Century Learning and to deepen and accelerate learning!

How many of my student’s textbooks are available online?
Many of our student textbooks are now available for students and families to access online, but this varies depending upon the grade level. In addition, many of the teachers in our District are regularly utilizing Google Classroom tools to deliver instruction to their students.

Will my student be able to use their Chromebook at home?
Yes. Students will have access to a secure network while they are at school. At home they will be able to use their Chromebook on your home wifi network. Our students’ district Google accounts can be accessed from any compatible device.

Are Chromebooks still available at school?
Yes. Chromebooks will still be available at school; however, the District does not have the funding to provide one device per student at every school. We are supporting a BYOD model in order to increase student access to technology at school. Our goal is a 1:1 ratio across our District, which would allow us to more effectively utilize technology to deliver and enhance the curriculum throughout the school day.

What is the Eureka School Foundation (ESF)?
Founded 26 years ago, the Eureka Schools Foundation (ESF) is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to student enrichment within the Eureka Union School District. The Foundation provides financial and community resources to support the enrichment programs at the schools to enhance and promote educational excellence. While ESF and the District are independent of one another, ESF proudly supports our schools and staff who are responsible for educating our students.

Why is EUSD promoting increased use of digital devices when it contributes to increased eye strain?
Most curriculum programs in core subject areas are becoming digital. It is anticipated that in five years, almost all programs will require digital devices for access. We are aware that there are possible disadvantages to a 100% computer-assisted teaching and learning environment. Our message to our teachers have always been that technology is a tool, among many, and to reach all students, we have to use the diverse tools available for instruction. To prevent eye strain, our teachers realize that on-screen time must be monitored and paced so that there is ample time for rest and movement.

Backpack weight is a serious concern for students.  How will the use of Chromebooks help mitigate back strain due to overweight backpacks?
The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that a child’s backpack weigh no more than 10 to 20 percent of a child’s weight. Consumer Reports recommends keeping the weight closer to 10 percent of a child’s weight.  As more curriculum becomes digital, it is anticipated that heavy hardbound textbooks will become increasingly accessible via the web, along with other supplemental resources.  We see a trend of curricular programs becoming digital; as an example, almost all science programs currently available right now, aligned to the new Next Generation Science Standards, are web-based.

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