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Tuesday, June 17th, 2014

The Eureka Union School District DRAFT Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP) has been developed for stakeholder review and comment.  Meetings of all stakeholder groups took place on Wednesday, April 30, from 9:30 am - 5:15pm, with the first Preliminary Public Hearing for review and comment held in conjunction with the May 6th Meeting of the Board of Trustees and the second Preliminary Public Hearing held in conjunction with the June 3rd Board Meeting. All materials used in the June 3rd Public Hearing were included in the Board Packets for the June 3rd meeting.  Also included to this site you will find the PDF document of the current DRAFT LCAP and the LCAP Summary including the estimated new costs associated with the plan.  Please visit the following link for additional detailed information.

As a requirement of the LCAP development process, the Superintendent is required to respond in writing to all comments and to provide the opportunity for the community to make such comments. As a result of the stakeholder meetings and the first and second  Preliminary Public Hearing on May 6 and June 3, the following comments were made. Responses are included with each comment.  The Board of Trustees will hold the Official Public Hearing on June 24 at 7:00pm in conjunction with the scheduled Board Meeting.  If you care to make additional comments, you may e-mail Superintendent Linda Rooney.
Comment:  Consider including a GATE Coordinator position similar to the EL Coordinator position.
Response:  The GATE Coaches will serve as a PLC team and cadre working together with the GATE Advisory Committee and the Eureka Leadership Team.  A Coordinator position may not be necessary as the GATE Coach concept develops.

Comment:  What is the definition of resiliency?
Response:  Students who demonstrate resiliency have the skills to identify issues of safety when peer pressures may sway them in alternate directions.  Resiliency allows students to understand the difference between "saying no" and going in a unsafe direction due to the pressures surrounding the situation.

Comment:  What do the surveys/needs assessment look like and how will we analyze the data?
Response:  Questions and audiences will be determined as the LCAP is finalized.

Comment:  Consider adding time for all Office Clerk positions to allow them to remain on campus while the students are in session on each campus.
Response:  This will be further addressed as the LCAP is revised per the Public Hearing input.

Comment: Will there be a requirement for all grade levels and school sites to implement certain enrichments such as Project Lead the Way?
Response: The plans within the LCAP allow for flexibility and unique programs to be developed by site. There may be required programs that would be operational throughout the district, as well.

Comment:  There is a need to verify the target class sizes for grades 7-8.
Response:  The staff will work together with the district documents to ensure that the accurate number is included in the final LCAP.

Comment:  It would be a good step moving forward to consider paperless purchasing at the school site level using the Escape program.
Response:  The district will work with the Placer County Office of Education, the owner of the program, to develop the next steps toward site level paperless purchasing.

Comment:  What is the goal for student access to technological devices?
Response:  Pending the requirements of the assignment and the materials that will become available through the CCCSS implementation, additional connectivity via wireless network access will allow for additional devices to be used by students district-wide.

Comment:  What is the percentage of funds to be restored to the site budgets?
Response:  It is the intent to restore the reduction of 40% in the various goal areas of LCAP.

Comment:  There is a need to "mesh" the district and ESF funding for enrichments.
Response:  District staff will work closely together with ESF to ensure appropriate funding from both sources.

Comment:  Restoration of an "enrichment summer school option" for all students could be very popular.
Response:  The LCAP provides summer programs for the identified sub-groups at this time, per the guidelines of the new LCFF funding.

Comment:  Is the new Operations Clerk position to be full-time?
Response:  Yes, this is the intent.

Comment:  There may be a need for additional hours for the School Nurses to support the health needs of our students at our school sites.
Response:  As student needs are identified, additional Health Assistant hours have been adjusted. This will continue to be the practice, with specific oversight by the School Nurses.

Comment: How will the sites receive financial rewards for enhanced attendance?
Response:  Pending the increase in ADA by site, the funds that are enhanced will be shared with the school sites for their site-level decision making on allocation.

Comment:  What are the specifics related to the increases in staffing in the maintenance area?
Response:  Pending the need, there may be some necessary restructuring of current positions, which could include a change in hours for current staff and/or the addition of temporary staffing support for specific projects (including those related to energy management.)

Comment:  Is there an expectation that all sites would implement the PBIS program?
Response:  This would be discretionary for sites to consider.  There would be district support for PBIS or another research-based program that would meet the unique needs of the school site.

Comment:  There is a need to consider the specific needs of students attending school sites when allocations of counselor support are made.
Response:  Staff will fully evaluate student needs when assigning counselor support to each site in the coming school years.

Comment:  It is difficult to include students in the Site Wellness Councils at the TK-6 grade levels.
Response:  School Principals will determine the most appropriate composition of the Site Wellness Councils to meet the needs of the school sites.

Comment:  Please clarify the need for additional technology support.
Response:  Due to the Wireless Infrastructure Project (WIP) and the increased need for the use of technologies, additional hours and days may be necessary, but no new positions are being recommended.

Comment: Can summer keyboarding practice opportunities be provided to students?
Response: This may become one of the enhanced enrichments that will be offered, such as the concept of working together with ESF to offer the iCode program in Summer, 2014.

Comment:  There is a need for the creation of a GATE Coordinator position similar to the CCCSS and EL Coordinator positions.
Response:  Staff will consider this recommendation in the next draft of the LCAP.

Comment:  There is a need to explore the costs and options for providing foreign language to students during the school day.
Response:  Staff will research possible options and include information in the next draft of the LCAP.

Comment:  There is support for the increase in Library Clerk and Counselor hours to serve students.
Response:  These areas are included in the Draft LCAP.

Comment:  There is support for the classroom, choral and instrumental music to be included into the district's curriculum design, with ESF support if available.
Response:  These programs have been included in the Draft LCAP.

Comment:  There is a need to explore options for providing enrichment programs to students on Mondays during the hours of teacher collaboration, when students are released from classes early.
Response:  Staff will explore the options for this increased opportunity for students on Mondays.

Comment:  Classroom Instructional Aides have been identified as a priority in the past. These positions were reduced due to budget constraints.  There is a need to consider restoration without increasing the class size projections. This would provide additional support to students.
Response:  Staff will consider options for restoration of these positions.

Comment:  There is appreciation expressed for including the areas of social, emotional, physical health, safety and resiliency in addition to academic achievement.
Response: These areas will continue to be goals in the LCAP in the next draft documents.

Comment:  There is support for the Computer Coding electives for students during the school day.
Response:  Plans in include these options for students are included in the Draft LCAP.

Comment:  Due to the need to focus upon the sub-groups, consider re-ordering the goals to demonstrate a commitment to these students
Response:  Staff will consider making a change to the order of the LCAP Draft goals.

Comment:  There is support for the enhancement/increase of maintenance staff hours as needed for site safety.
Response:  Plans for possible increases are included in the Draft LCAP.

Comment:  There is support of the concept of developing a cadre of GATE Coaches on each of the seven campuses.
Response:  This concept is included in the Draft LCAP.

Comments Received at the June 3 Preliminary Public Hearing:Top of Page

Comment:  There is interest in considering the initiation of the foreign language program in Year #2 of LCAP, with Year #1 serving as a planning year for staff.
Response:  This concept will be included in the DRAFT LCAP.

Comment:  Consider may be given to the idea of beginning foreign language instruction at the 8th grade level, rather than in the 1st grade.
Response:  This concept may be considered in Year #1 at the planning takes place for the program.

Comment:  The plans for professional development seem vague, especially regarding the areas of "resiliency and connectedness."
Response:  Staff will further clarify in the LCAP document to be presented on June 24.

Comment:  There is interest in considering additional staffing time for the Assistant Principal positions, specifically at Cavitt Junior High School, where there are two periods of Assistant Principal support.
Response:  Staff will include this concept and related costs in the LCAP document.

Comment:  There is support for the district funded music programs for students
Response:  These programs will continue to be contained in the LCAP.

Comment:  More information is needed relative to the proposed augmentation of the current staffing for maintenance, operations and grounds positions relative to the overall positive impact upon students.
Response:  Staff will provide additional information for consideration at the June 24 Public Hearing.

Comment:  There is interest in the consideration of using Year # of the LCAP for the initiation of a study of the addition of GATE Coaches by the staff and the GATE Advisory Committee, with possible implementation in Year #2, rather than in Year #1.
Response:  Staff will include this in the LCAP for consideration at the June 24 Public Hearing.

Comment:  Regarding the possible strategy for considering the plans for implementation of Instructional Aide support, there was support for initiating a study during Year #1 of the LCAP which would include stakeholder input to determine the specific targets for support.
Response:  Staff will include this plan in the LCAP for consideration at the June 24 Public Hearing.

Comment:  There is interest in pursuing the possible use of Facilities fund dollars for the implementation of the technology actions contained within the draft LCAP.
Response:  Staff will pursue the options and prepare responses for the June 24 Public Hearing.

Comment: Since the adoption of Science instructional materials would be scheduled for Year #4 of the LCAP, there was a discussion regarding the consideration of its being removed from Year #1 - #3 in the current draft LCAP.
Response:  Since there will be a need to plan for the future instructional materials expenditures which will be significant in the future years, it is important that the community is aware that this subject area (Science) could represent another large initial purchase for the district in Year #4, therefore, continuing to note in the LCAP may be appropriate.

Comments Received since the June 3 Preliminary Public Hearing:Top of Page

Comment:  What is meant by "financial recognition of all staff" in the draft LCAP document?
Response:  During our Division and TK-8 Focus and Priority identification meetings, there was a need to recognize the staff for their contributions to the excellence in the district. The 3.2% salary increase and additional health benefit cap allowance of $500 per FTE are including in this calculation.

Comment:  What is an Operations Clerk?
Response:  This new classified position would support the maintenance and grounds, transportation, nutrition services and facilities operations and functions district-wide.  

Comment:  There is concern that the additional requirements for the Coordinator positions, added to the responsibilities of our school principals, would require them to be away from campuses to a great extent.
Response:  It is not intended that the additional duties and responsibilities would be necessarily performed off site, requiring time away from the schools as a result.

Comment:  It seems disproportionate to have so much emphasis upon GATE when only 3% of our school population identified as GATE.
Response:  The prioritization process identified the district's GATE program as an area of priority.  Currently, there are 163 formally identified students in grades 4-8 for the 2014-15 school year.

Comment:  Do we need GATE Coaches?  Why not Math and Language Arts Coaches?
Response:  There has been an interest in further consideration of the concept of GATE Coaches through the GATE Advisory Committee in Year #1 in the LCAP.  Further study will be done to consider other options for needed coaching.

Comment: Chrome Books would not be a viable option for the Carnegie Learning Mathematics materials, although the amendment is under development.
Response:  Although there is a reference to Chrome Books in the LCAP draft, there is flexibility in the determination of the types of "tablets" and "desktop" options. The calculations were based upon the known costs of the Chrome Books and Chrome Bases, as examples.

Comment:  Concerns were expressed related to providing technology in the homes of specific population groups, including the connectivity and the deployment of devices. It was suggested that teacher stipends could be offered to support homework clubs either before or after school on the school sites to allow student use of technology.
Response:  This suggestion may be considered at each school site.  Transportation to/from the before and after school programs could further inhibit the opportunities for students to participate in the homework clubs.  Technological access may be needed beyond the hours offered in the homework clubs.  

Comment:  Topics contained within the LCAP require more thorough vetting with teachers. Although stakeholder input has been gathered, there has been very little teacher input.
Response:  The information contained within the multiple drafts has been available to the district community of stakeholders throughout the process. Meetings with district staff and opportunities to express views and provide comments continue through the many public hearings and stakeholder meetings (April 30, May 6, June 3, June 24 and June 26).  The district staff welcomes stakeholder involvement and invites comments.

Comment:  The district could consider the purchase and installation of Automatic External Defibrillators (AEDs) on each site in the district for a cost of $1500 per site and an annual $500 fee for service.  Additional training and professional development costs would be required. This would support student wellness.
Response:  The staff will consider this a possible expenditure.

Comment:  How will school site budgets be (specifically) enhanced?
Response:  The plan includes the restoration of the 40% reduction to the school site budgets with flexibility provided to the school sites to allocate the additional funds in any of the five goal areas of the LCAP to meet the needs of the unique school site.

Comment:  There is concern regarding the "need" for Spanish instruction during the school day at the primary level as to whether it is a necessary component toward educational progress, necessary to the CCCSS and imperative to learning at that level.
Response:  A study to determine the most appropriate program for student instruction in a second language will be initiated in the 2014-15 school year (Year #1 in LCAP) which will include teachers and professional staff.

We look forward to embracing this new change and in continuing to engage our community in the finalization of our goals for our students - continuing to enhance the outstanding educational opportunities for each and every student.  We continue to embrace the concept of "Every Student - Every School - Every Day" in the EUSD LCAP. 

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