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Adoption Cycle and Timelines: California's and EUSD'sTop of Page

California follows an 8-year adoption cycle that begins with an update of the Frameworks and Standards (if necessary) and culminating in the approval of publisher-created and submitted program materials.
Below is the EUSD Curriculum Adoption Timeline:
This picture displays projected adoption timelines.
For California's Adoption Process, click HERE.
For EUSD's Adoption Timeline, click HERE

Amplify Teacher and Student Accounts are Now Available!Top of Page

Good news!

All teacher and student accounts are now set up for Amplify, our new Core Digital Program for English Language Arts, Grades 6-8.  

Teacher Login Instructions:

Students will receive instructions from their teachers on how to access their curriculum materials!

Amplify is EUSD's new ELA Curriculum for Grades 6-8Top of Page

EUSD is proud to announce that it is recommending Amplify to be adopted as the ELA Program for Grades 6-8. Amplify is a highly-rated curriculum that  inspires students to read more deeply, write more vividly and think more critically. Students are challenged to think deeply and analytically, studying texts that are complex but accessible — made even more so with digital supports. Amplify has a thoroughly interactive curriculum that ignites a passion for reading and writing, with experiences that help students make tangible connections to what they are learning. Students and teachers work on devices (laptops, desktops or tablets) connected through a shared platform. Students do all of their assignments here, and teachers can see their progress and provide feedback in real time.
See what has to say about Amplify ELA!

Independent reviewer gives Amplify ELA a near-perfect score, reporting that our curriculum meets expectations for each of the key “gateways”—one of only two grade 6-8 ELA programs to do so.  Click HERE.  If you are interested in reviewing Amplify, please visit the District Office from April 5-May 9, 2017.

EUSD's Curriculum for Core InstructionTop of Page

The Eureka Union School District (EUSD) offers a robust curriculum for all students, guided by UDL (Universal Design for Learning) principles.  All EUSD teachers are highly qualified in their subject areas and regularly participate in varied professional development opportunities.  Teachers utilize state-approved instructional programs for all core classes, as well as Challenge 21 Standards.  
Students sitting on the floor at the library

English Language ArtsTop of Page

EUSD is implementing a new ELA/ELD Program for all students - Reading Wonders from McGraw-Hill!  After a thoughtful process of selection, evaluation, piloting, reflection and discussion, K-5 teachers have unanimously arrived at a consensus that the Reading Wonders program addresses the unique needs of our population.  
Click HERE for an overview of this exciting and comprehensive program.  

MathematicsTop of Page

EUSD recently adopted new Mathematics materials in alignment with the California Common Core Standards in Mathematics. Students in grades TK/K - 5 are using the Pearson Envision program, while our 6th, 7th and 8th grade students are utilizing the Carnegie program.  Mathematics instruction is differentiated for all students with an option for identified pupils able to take on an accelerated pathway, which includes the completion of Integrated 1 in 8th grade.
Click HERE for more information about Pearson's enVision Program.
Click HERE for more information about Carnegie Learning Program in Math and its supplemental digital component, MathiaXL.
Click HERE for Common Core Math resources.
Note to Parents: For access to digital components and supplemental curriculum resources, contact your child's teacher.

ScienceTop of Page

All students at EUSD have access to high-quality science instruction from TK - 8.  As the district begins implementation of the Next Generation Science Standards, supplemental materials will be introduced to the district-adopted FOSS (Full Option Science System) curriculum developed at the Lawrence Hall of Science. This series is used by Kindergarten-5th grade.

The district recognizes that hands-on, inquiry-based learning is critical in acquiring scientific literacy.  Thus, various opportunities to engage in problem-solving projects are offered to students within the core instructional minutes and through before and after school activities.  

History - Social ScienceTop of Page

EUSD’s adoption of History-Social Science materials was found to be challenging because of the breadth of quality materials available at the time.  Consequently, the district ended up with four series which best fit the grades for which they are utilized. Kindergarten-3rd use Scott Foresman’s History-Social Science, 4th and 5th grades utilize Houghton Mifflin’s History-Social Science California and US, 6th and 7th use Holt’s World History Ancient Civilizations and Medieval to Early Modern Times respectively, and 8th graders use the History Alive! series offered by the TCI company. Whenever appropriate, our teachers have integrated beautiful literature and authentic first-person narratives within the study of HSS.

The State Board of Education of California recently adopted the new Social Studies/History Frameworks.  To review the content and instructional shift changes, follow this LINK.  

Foreign LanguageTop of Page

High School level Spanish is offered at our junior high campuses with teachers using the same series as Granite Bay High School. The McDougal Littell series titled ¡En español! has been utilized successfully for many years. Families can be assured that when the high school adopts a new series, EUSD will purchase the same series. Students bound for GBHS can expect a smooth transition to even more advanced levels of Spanish instruction.

Spanish Enrichment is offered within the instructional day in all K-6 sites.  All students are provided instruction for 30 minutes twice a week (20 minutes for Kindergarten students) using a competency-based language approach where instruction occurs through an immersive setting.  The curriculum used in EUSD’s Spanish Enrichment classes is the Sombrero Time curriculum. For more information, please follow this LINK.  

Fine ArtsTop of Page

Contrary to what many districts have done as they’ve limited student access to Fine Arts, the Eureka Union School District, with the incredible support of our Eureka Schools Foundation, has maintained instruction in this curricular area.

Music is offered in many forms throughout the grade levels with some highlights being instrumental instruction at 4th-6th grades and Symphonic and Concert Band available to 7th and 8th graders.
Arts education is promoted in many forms throughout our schools but we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention our fantastic Art Docent program. County organized, but run by an incredible group of trained parent volunteers, our students are able to critique a group of well-known works and then practice varieties of art skills on a monthly basis.

Dance education is offered in many forms and in many grade levels. It is often incorporated into a student’s physical education period.

Elective/Enrichment Classes Top of Page

Eureka Union School District’s junior high campuses offer a variety of elective/enrichment classes each and every year from Digital Art and Leadership to Symphonic Band and Meteorology. For the most current list of these courses, please contact the campuses themselves:  Cavitt Jr. High – 916-791-4152  and  Olympus Jr. High – 916-782-1667

Physical EducationTop of Page

Physical Education is critical to a child’s well being and academic growth.  As a student exerts him/herself physically the brain is more open to the learning process. Therefore PE is offered to all grade levels on all campuses. Qualified staff lead a variety of activities to strengthen young bodies and expose students to new sports and skills. Team building skills and enhanced cooperation are important side benefits of all our physical education programs.

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