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Practices, Core Ideas, Crosscutting
The Next Generation Science Standards consists of three dimensions: (1) Disciplinary Core Ideas, (2) Cross-Cutting Concepts, and (3) Scientific and Engineering Practices.  Whereas the "old" science standards emphasized the learning of content, the new science standards folds into the content common themes or principles that transect all scientific disciplines (cross-cutting concepts) and scientific thinking skills and practices that incorporate engineering design skills.  The multi-disciplinary and integrated nature of science is emphasized in the new standards.  NGSS also ensures that "Everyone engineers!"  EUSD is excited to be in the midst of transitioning to NGSS.  

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K - 5 ScienceTop of Page

EUSD is currently in transition to NGSS (Next Generation Science Standards).  Curriculum tasks for 2016-17:
  • Slow incorporation of engineering activities into TK/K - science classrooms, with focus on the engineering process.
  • Creation of crosswalks between newly-adopted ELA program
  • Content-focused PDs for elementary teachers
  • Inventory of materials for full NGSS implementation the following year
For more information about the NGSS, click HERE. 

Middles School (6-8) ScienceTop of Page

Middle school science classrooms are currently in transition to NGSS.  Curriculum tasks for the academic year 2016-17 include:
  • Focus on SEPs (Scientific and Engineering Practices) and C3s (Cross-Cutting Practices)
  • Development of NGSS-aligned units and lessons
  • Development of Cross-Walks between old California Content Standards and NGSS
  • Content-focused PDs for teachers 
  • Inventory of current science materials
  • Bundling of PEs into viable, trimester-based units

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Students Operating Robotics Car
Student Testing an Electronic Device
Student Creating Craft Project
Picture of Science Class
Picture of Eco-Lab
Picture of Building Planters for Eco-Lab
Picture of Science Vocabulary
Picture of Science Test

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