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Below is this year's GATE timeline. We may need to change some dates, along the way, and we appreciate your understanding. 

I am including a LINK to this document in case you would like to print it out. 

Here is the Parents/Guardians Information Night recording.  The passcode is 4+$PB+@f.

Dates and information regarding the 2021-22 GATE program.

If you have any questions about the specifics of our program, please reach out to your student's school site.  If you have general questions about the program and the qualification process, please email us at or


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A student raising his handWe believe that the innate abilities of gifted students must be developed and nurtured through participation in exciting and challenging instruction.  They require modified, differentiated curriculum in order to ensure their growth and success.  Differentiation for GATE students in the Eureka Union School District may include:

  • Modifying content (what students learn)
  • Modifying process (how students learn)
  • Modifying product (how students demonstrate their knowledge).  

Students may be placed in an advanced mathematics class or reading group, or may be provided extensions to the standard curriculum.  Curriculum for GATE students should emphasize critical and creative thinking skills.

GATE Teachers
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A teacher giving a presentationA majority of the teachers in the Eureka Union School District have been trained to differentiate the needs of individual students, and many of our teachers hold a certificate in GATE instruction. This certificate represents 30 hours of professional training specific to the needs of our gifted learners.

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