Eureka Union
School District

Teachers in a meetingTime is provided throughout the year for teacher/staff collaboration in teams. Teachers work in grade level, department and curriculum teams during collaboration time.  Collaboration time is used for staff collaboration activities that are directly related to student achievement and district goals.  During collaboration time, teachers and administrators will be engaged in the following activities:
  • Professional Learning Community Meetings
  • Review of assessment results/data and student work
  • Development of goals
  • Planning for student grouping, intervention programs, and differentiation
  • Review of materials and interventions
  • Providing information from or gathering information for district curriculum team meetings
  • Articulation related to curriculum and assessment between and among Grade Levels, Departments, and/or
  • Divisions
  • Professional Development Related to Student Achievement and District Goals
  • Curriculum Development
  • Grade Level/Department Decision-Making and Curriculum Planning
All certificated staff (principals, reading teachers, special education teachers, etc.) actively participate in team meetings during collaboration time.  Collaboration activities at each site will be regularly communicated to parents and the community via newsletters, websites, and during school site council meetings.

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