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CAASPP (California Assessments of Student Progress and Performance) score reports will be mailed to your home address if your child took the 2018 state assessments in ELA (English Language Arts) and Math.  CAST (California Science Test) results will also be available in late November, but these are based on non-operational tests administered in 2018.  
For more information about how to interpret the score results, please check these guides from the CDE Website, LINK.  
Do not hesitate to call us if you have any questions!

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EUSD continues to outperform county and statewide performance averages in both ELA (English Language Arts) and Math.  For 2018, the % of EUSD students exceeding standards has increased.  EUSD remains the top performing public school district in Placer County for both ELA and Math.  

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Our teachers, via the Curriculum and Instruction Committees, have undertaken the development and implementation of district trimester benchmarks in Grades K-5 in ELA (English Language Arts) and Mathematics.  These benchmarks consist of items aligned to the Common Core Standards in these subject areas.  Grades 6 - 8 will start the development of district benchmarks in ELA and Math this year.
EUSD uses the IO/Illuminate Education platform for housing its assessment database. 
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