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Eureka Union School District Can No Longer Sponsor Destination Imagination
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Due to severe budget cuts, we regret to inform our parents and students that participation in  Destination Imagination is no longer sponsored by the Eureka Union School District.  If you are interested in participating on your own, please visit to get started.  I am available for questions on how to go through the registration process.  Please contact me at
Jenifer Gill
Destination Imagination School Coordinator (former)

What is D.I.?
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Destination Imagination is a program which provides structured, team problem-solving competitions. Teams are given a wacky, mind-bending challenge with a set of guidelines in which they are to creatively produce a solution. The solutions include some kind of building, design, written, and performance components. Through these challenges, creativity and teamwork are emphasized. The teams are encouraged to try something different, to experiment, to stretch. Each team member is recognized for his/her strength and contribution to the team. Every student benefits from this program and learns to be successful in a variety of situations. If you enjoy sharing ideas, thinking outside the box, and having fun, come join this enthusiastic group of students and adults. A team of 4 - 7 students and an adult coach/manager will have until March to develop a creative solution to your choice of one of the challenges. Please visit to view this year's challenges.

Why DI is Good for KidsTop of Page

  • Have FUN!
  • Make new friends.
  • Learn to solve all kinds of problems.
  • Learn that when something goes wrong, you just keep going.
  • Learn to understand and appreciate the ideas, strengths, and abilities of other team members.
  • Learn to manage time more efficiently.
  • Learn to plan out a project and bring it to conclusion.
  • Learn to rely on themselves.
  • Learn to be more organized.
  • Learn how to resolve disagreements and manage conflict in a positive way.
  • Learn not to give up.
  • Learn to use technology, tools, and machinery safely.
  • Learn that we can do more than we ever thought we could!

Why DI is Good for Adults
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  • Understanding of and appreciation for teamwork.
  • Improved creative problem solving skills.
  • Improved organizational skills.
  • FUN!
  • New appreciation of differences in problem solving styles.
  • Deep satisfaction in helping young people.
  • Learning about other cultures and increasing their global view.
  • Increased optimism.
  • Development of new friendships.
  • Appreciation of the process that is the heart of the DI program.
  • Appreciation of the power of young people to solve any problems.
  • Recognition of the many and varied strengths of team members.
  • Improved leadership abilities.
  • Learning to analyze and utilize resources.

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