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Welcome to the Eureka Union School District Programs and Enrichment Section. We are excited to show you the wonderful opportunities that await your child's learning.

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World Languages Enrichment Programs - a spiraling circle with world flags on the leftThe World Language Programs is for students in kindergarten through 8th grade and brings world languages to the Eureka Union School District. This enrichment program exposes children to a world language, fosters excitement and interest in a foreign culture, and provides an opportunity for enrichment in offerings not available during the regular school day.  Read more…

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Star Nova logo - Smarter Enrichment, Smarter Kids! Proven!STAR Nova offers a variety of high quality extra-curricular classes to families in our communities. The STAR Nova programs are designed to encourage children to explore, grow, encounter the world, and expand their cultural base.  These include exciting classes in the area of:
  • Academic Achievement
  • Music and Performing Arts
  • Family and Life Skills
  • Culture
  • Sports and Recreation
  • Math Plus
  • ZOME Tool

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The word "Learn" spelled out on with word blocksOur English Learner students are taught by specially certificated staff who have had much supplemental training on how to best meet the varied needs of EL students.  District goals for our EL students are two-fold: to attain competency in English as swiftly as possible, while meeting State Standards for the Core Curriculum.

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Two students working on an assignmentThe Eureka Union School District is committed to a challenging and appropriate educational experience for all students. In EUSD, students identified as the Gifted and Talented are those who are exceptional due to their greater than average intellectual ability. GATE students typically display the several characteristics…Read more…

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