Eureka Union
School District

The 80's are known as the "Me" generation.  Status and designer labels were big.  Video games, Cabbage Patch dolls, minivans, aerobics, and talk shows became a part of our lives.Cavitt Jr. High opened its doors to students in 1981.
  • Ron Feist was chosen as Superintendent in 1982.  He led the district for 22 years and built six schools.
  • Personal computers arrived at Cavitt and Eureka schools in the fall of 1983.
  • Eureka Schools Foundation was established by Sheila Anderson, Marge Blumenfield and Ron Feist.  It currently contributes over $500,000 annually to enrichment programs throughout the district.
  • July 1986 - changes in classroom configuration with Greenhills becoming a pure K-3 school, Eureka 4-6, and Cavitt 7-8.
  • Mitigation fees were collected to help pay the cost of new facilities.
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