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Please make sure that your children know what bus route they should be on when they ride the bus and what their bus stop is.  If your child gets on the wrong bus they should let the driver know this.  Reinforce with your child that they should never get off the bus at the wrong bus stop.

If your child is more than 10 minutes late getting off the bus you should call the Transportation office at 916.774.1231.  For various reasons the buses may occasionally run late but it is always better to check with our office than to worry. If a bus is late for some reason there will be someone in the office until all buses have returned from their routes and have left for the day.

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That is a very good question!  If you have been driving your child to and from school you already know how congested the parking lots are getting.  Tempers are short for many reasons and children are running in between cars and buses to get to their parents.  The children are excited and they are not paying attention.  In the world that we live everyone is in a hurry to get somewhere.  All of this creates danger for our children.

A child is 13 times safer riding in a school bus than in other modes of travel.  We all feel that our own children are safer with us than with anyone else, and that nobody can love or care for our children better than we can.  That is true, but ... you can not control the behavior of the other drivers on the road.  How many people have you observed driving down the road talking on a cell phone, putting on make-up, eating or a number of other things while they are driving?  How many times have you driven your car while doing one of these things? These people are distracted and their distraction can devastate you and your family.  Your vehicle can not withstand an impact from a vehicle driven by a distracted person like a school bus can.

It is true that a parent will protect their child more fiercely than any other person will, but you can only protect them from what you can control.  You can not control other vehicles.  There are so many reasons to put your child on a school bus but their safety is the single most important reason.

For some other reasons, you can visit the American School Bus Council web site to read about the safety of the school bus, read their press release and read about their new fuel calculator.

We all use the internet for information these days. Use the internet to do some research on school buses and the safety that they provide for all of our children!

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