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As we continue to navigate COVID-19 within our schools, we have been actively planning to offer testing options for our students and staff, as we understand there are challenges in securing testing appointments in the community. Please note we are only able to offer testing for students once we have parent/guardian consent.

Eureka has partnered with Concentric, a public health division of a Boston based biotech firm Ginkgo Bioworks, who is contracting with the California Department of Public Health (CDPH). Pooled PCR  testing is among the free testing options the CDPH and Department of Education are offering for schools. Concentric offers pooled PCR testing and rapid antigen testing. Please review below for more information. 
What is Pooled Testing? 
Pooled testing means combining the same type of specimen from several people and conducting one laboratory test on the combined pool of specimens to detect SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. What this means for Eureka is that nasal swabs from up to 25 asymptomatic students and staff are submitted together for a single PCR test. If the test is negative, the entire class is assumed to be Covid-free. If the test is positive, students are given individual rapid tests, and those who test positive are sent home to quarantine. Sample pooling is an important public health tool because it allows for more people to be tested quickly using fewer testing resources.
How does it work?

All students in a class, pod, or cohort swab their own noses and place their samples in a single tube (that’s the pooling step). The samples in that tube are then run as a single sample, using one test. If students have trouble performing the swabbing, schools will provide trained staff to help. However, the test is so easy that kindergarteners typically can do it with no issues. K-12 schools across the country have successfully used this easy testing program. Pooled testing an entire class takes just minutes, so students and teachers can focus on learning.


Where can I find more information about the pooled testing Eureka will be offering?
How it Works (short video)
When will testing be offered at my child’s school?
Pooled PCR testing and rapid antigen testing will be offered. Pooled PCR tests will be sent to the laboratory. For any positive pools, follow up testing will be offered later in the school week. Below is the schedule for testing across schools. Rapid antigen testing is also offered weekly. Based on the date of exposure for students and testing schedule, different testing options may be considered.

How do I provide consent for my child to be tested?
Parents and guardians can complete the consent for testing through the following link. Each school site has an access code, which is below. When the family has both the link and the access code, the link will direct them to consent on the Concentric website. The family will then enter the child’s information and follow the prompts on the screens. The process should take a family approximately 3-5 mins to complete. Interested in a step by step review of the process? Click HERE.
Access Codes By School:
  • Cavitt: EURE-CAVITT
  • Excelsior: EURE-EXCELSIOR
  • Greenhills: EURE-GREENHILLS
  • Maidu: EURE-MAIDU
  • Oakhills: EURE-OAKHILLS
  • Olympus: EURE-OLYMPUS
  • Ridgeview: EURE-RIDGE
How will I receive results from my child’s testing?
Concentric provides test results directly to schools, the school staff will communicate with you about results. Both Eureka USD and Concentric take privacy very seriously and will never use test results for any reason other than to provide your school with knowledge to help make decisions about safeguarding your community and continuing in-person learning. Click HERE to learn more about how Concentric protects the privacy of students and others who use their pooled test.
We hope this testing option relieves some of the challenges you are facing when getting testing in our communities. We will be working closely with families who have students on modified quarantine to navigate this process.