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Awesome 80's

A black and white photo of an old ladyThe 80's are known as the "Me" generation.  Status and designer labels were big.  Video games, Cabbage Patch dolls, minivans, aerobics, and talk shows became a part of our lives. Cavitt Jr. High opened its doors to students in 1981.
  • Ron Feist was chosen as Superintendent in 1982.  He led the district for 22 years and built six schools.
  • Personal computers arrived at Cavitt and Eureka schools in the fall of 1983.
  • Eureka Schools Foundation was established by Sheila Anderson, Marge Blumenfield and Ron Feist.  It currently contributes over $500,000 annually to enrichment programs throughout the district.
  • July 1986 - changes in classroom configuration with Greenhills becoming a pure K-3 school, Eureka 4-6, and Cavitt 7-8.
  • Mitigation fees were collected to help pay the cost of new facilities.
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