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Nifty 90's

The front of a school siteThe Nineties are known as the electronic age.  The World Wide Web was created in 1992.  E-mail, online shopping and e-commerce changed our lifestyle.  In 1994, three million people were online.  Web use increased to 100 million people by 1998.

  • New district logo approved
  • The Land Bank program made it possible for the district to purchase land for Maidu and Olympus school sites.
  • The first Foundation fund-raiser was held in March, 1993 at the Northridge Country Club.
  • The STAR before and after school program was approved for a one-year pilot in June of 1994.
  • The Board approved the computer network for attendance, business services, etc., in August, 1994.
  • Ridgeview School was dedicated in October, 1994.
  • Olympus was dedicated in October, 1996.
  • Maidu School was dedicated in April, 1997.
  • The new District Office opened in November, 1997.
  • The new Eureka web site is up and running in September, 1999.
  • Excelsior School was dedicated in October, 1999.