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Significant 70's

A test with bubbles marked - a pencil sitting on topA student walking the halls of Eureka School in the 1970's might have seen lockers decorated with smiley face stickers and maybe a Rubik's cube or "pet rock" stashed inside.  The 70's was a decade of gasoline and paper shortages.  By the end of 1973, the Board moved to temporarily suspend field trips.  The school calendar was not sent home in May due to the paper shortage.
  • 1973 - Elective program presented to the Board.  Chorus, mechanical drawing, Spanish, sewing, leather, slide-rule, painting, golf.
  • Community Questionnaire - developed into the parent surveys that have been done every 2-4 years since that time.
  • Four Aides were hired to assist with math, reading and kindergarten at Greenhills School.
  • April, 1974 - Test results showed that Eureka children scored above the State average.  This set a precedent that continues to this day.
  • October, 1974 - Eureka Union Parents Club replaces the PTA.
  • January, 1978 - MGM (Mentally Gifted Minor Program) was approved for grades 3 through 8.  This was the beginning of our GATE program.
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