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A black and white photo of a manOn April 11, 1961 The Board of Trustees of Eureka Union School voted unanimously at the regular monthly meeting to change the title of their administrator, Dale Bartell, from Principal to Superintendent. This action was taken because of the growth in the district and because the administrator had been fulfilling the position of Superintendent for the present year. The administrator remained on the same salary schedule that he was on prior to the change of titles.
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A portrait of a man from the 1960sIt rained almost constantly the first four months of 1967. Storm clouds hung over the District, as well. Headlines for April 17th proclaimed "Double Sessions for Greenhills Set:

Eureka Union School District Board of Education has approved Greenhills as a primary school next year with the second and third graders to be placed on double sessions. The double sessions for classes are a temporary emergency measure until such time as District voters approve bond money for construction of a new four-room cluster. The $500,000 proposed bond issue, to finance construction of the new unit, will be presented to the voters once again on May 9th."

Ron Walker became Greenhills' first full-time principal in the fall of 1967 when
the school went on double sessions to handle the growth.
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