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Terrific 2000's

Dan Clift, Reve Taylor, Shella Anderson, Donna Garton, Carol Brown, Ron FeistThis decade began with a global sigh of relief that the massive Y2K computer meltdown never happened.  Unfortunately, a short time later, on September 11, 2001, the world looked on in horror as terrorists attacked the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, causing great loss of life.

September 18, 2001 was an emotion-filled Board meeting.  Prior to the flag salute, Dan Clift commented about the tragic events of the week and made mention that we were happy board member, Donna Garton, was present.  Mr. Clift said the Pledge of Allegiance was more meaningful in times like these. To read excerpts from a Press-Tribune article about Donna Garton's narrow escape from tragedy, click on the link for the EUSD history section, Terrific 2,000's.

Some trends in this decade were the increased use of the Internet, cell phones, text messaging, Harry Potter books and the Twilight series.

  • Spanish class at Olympus Jr. High approved - 2001
  • Greenhills and Eureka multi-purpose buildings completed - 2002
  • Foundation's Home Tour and Annual Giving Campaign - 2003
  • Board names park after Ronald L. Feist in honor of his 22+ years of service in the community
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