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Vision and Pathways

District Vision

District Vision

The Eureka Union School District is dedicated to developing learned and inspired  global citizens. We will provide our students with a dynamic, rigorous education that focuses on collaboration, critical thinking, and character development. Our students will be supported in a nurturing environment which fosters the healthy academic, social, emotional, and physical development of each individual. Our partnership of students, families, educators, and community members encourages creativity and celebrates innovation.
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Relevant Challenging Curriculum

Relevant Challenging Curriculum

Eureka Union School District provides a rigorous, relevant, challenging curriculum for all students.
  • Curriculum is focused on an established set of life-long learning skills and content standards.
  • Curriculum is continually reviewed and improved to meet the evolving needs of a changing world as well as the individual student.
  • Learning opportunities transcend time and place and students will be given choice about what and how to learn whenever feasibly possible.
  • Students are provided with meaningful, authentic opportunities to apply knowledge and skills.
  • Students are provided with a strong academic foundation and each student is encouraged and supported as an individual learner.
  • Training and time for collaboration is provided for all educators.
Individual Responsibility as a Part of a Global Learning Community

Individual Responsibility as a Part of a Global Learning Community

A student in a classroom looking behind her chairThe Eureka Union School District trains students to be citizens of the 21st century, each responsible for his choices and his learning.
  • Students pursue learning activities related to individual interests that demonstrate proficiencies that expand personal knowledge and contribute to the global community.
  • Opportunities are provided to develop participation skills that lead to voice as a citizen.
  • Each student accepts responsibility for his role in the care of the earth; students are provided opportunities to work for the betterment of the community and the world at large.
  • Students develop strategies and plans for attending to their personal health and wellness and understand connections of these strategies and plans to achieving quality of life.
Partnerships and Collaboration

Partnerships and Collaboration

Hand shaking in front of a group of peopleThe Eureka Union School District receives support through active partnerships with other educational organizations and local and national businesses with an interest in learning and the community.
  • A culture is created that encourages divergent thinking, promotes creativity and generates innovative ideas.
  • The community of learners is inclusive and representative of all members of the regional population.
  • Partnerships are pursued with agencies and community representatives to combine expertise of those involved to mutually enhance one another.
Resources, Governance and Tools

Resources, Governance and Tools

A student working on a laptopThe Eureka Union School District applies available resources to support and encourage attainment of the vision.
  • The development of a seamless learning environment, utilizing the latest technology, encourages learning for all participants.
  • The district actively investigates and promotes creative funding options.
  • Staff members are highly competent in their field(s) of practice; dedicated to the needs of our students.
  • Human resources are allocated to best meet the needs of all learners.
  • The governance structure of the district supports the use of resources and tools that lead to the attainment of our vision.
  • Facilities are allocated and used with flexibility, sustainability, and accessibility in mind.
Innovation, Change, and Renewal

Innovation, Change, and Renewal

A teacher standing with four other studentsThe Eureka Union School District champions creative uses of time and space, for innovative programs and learning opportunities.
  • The district welcomes creative and thought-provoking change aimed at better serving the client population.
  • The interaction of students, educators, and community members provides opportunities for the development of new ideas and global thought and practice at the local level.
  • All school-community members are committed to continuing learning and are provided ongoing opportunities for professional development, collaboration, and innovation.