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Board Vacancy and Provisional Appointment

Notice of Vacancy and Provisional Appointment

Notice of Vacancy and Provisional Appointment

A vacancy on the Governing Board of the Eureka Union School District occurred on April 12, 2024, due to the resignation of Trustee Robert Jamieson, DO.
In accordance with Education Code section 5091, Matthew Dahlstrom was provisionally appointed to the office on May 24, 2024.

Unless a petition calling for a special election containing a sufficient number of signatures is filed in the Office of the Placer County Superintendent of Schools within thirty (30) days of this provisional appointment, it shall become an effective appointment.
For Immediate Release

For Immediate Release

The Eureka Union School District (EUSD) Board of Trustees voted 4-0 on Friday night, May 24 to appoint Matthew Dahlstrom of Granite Bay to the open position on the board. Dalhstrom is the principal and founder of Blueprint Management Consulting based in Granite Bay. His previous positions include Director of E-Commerce Operations for the Gap, Inc. and Director of Supply Chain Strategic Initiatives for Gymboree. He has four children, three of whom currently attend school in the Eureka Union School District.
“The whole board was impressed with Mr. Dahlstrom’s presentation, knowledge of our district’s challenging budget situation and strategic business background,” said EUSD Board of Trustees President Jeff Conklin. “We felt strongly that his background will be a strong addition as we deal with state budget shortfalls for the foreseeable future.”
The EUSD Board of Trustees interviewed eight candidates on May 24. “All eight final candidates were exceptional and we sincerely thank them for applying.” Conklin said. “It’s very encouraging to see so many talented and community-minded people willing to serve in our school district.”
The appointment fills the void left with the resignation of Dr. Robert Jameison in April. The appointment will last only through November. Mr. Dahlstrom will be required to run for the remainder of the two years of Dr. Jamieson’s term in November if he wishes to remain on the board.
The Eureka Union School District serves approximately 3,300 students in grades TK-8 in Granite Bay and East Roseville.