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Public Participation

The Eureka Union School District Board meetings are held on the second Monday of the month at 6:30 PM, at the Eureka Union School District office (5455 Eureka Rd., Granite Bay, CA 95746). By attending, you will better understand how your school district operates. There will be discussions about student learning, curriculum, facilities, finances and staffing, among other topics. The public schools belong to you and your involvement is encouraged. Public participation and open lines of communication are vital to a strong school system.
Public Comment Is For You

Public Comment Is For You

"Public Comment" is a specific time set aside at each meeting for public communication to the board. At that time, interested people may present comments, suggestions or concerns that address issues NOT on the posted agenda. An item must be included on the agenda before the board can officially act upon it. If you have comments about an item on the agenda, you'll have the opportunity to share them when we reach that point in the meeting.
Addressing the Board

Addressing the Board

When you address the board:
  • Please walk to the podium.
  • State your name, your affiliation with the district and the organization you may be speaking for (if any).
  • Please limit your comments to three (3) minutes.  
If you have printed information to share with the board, please provide copies to the school board secretary upon being called up to the podium.
Agenda Item

Agenda Item

The school board meeting agenda is set by the Board President and Superintendent. Individuals who wish to request that an item be placed on the agenda should do so by writing to the District Superintendent at:

Eureka Union School District
5455 Eureka Road
Granite Bay, CA  95746

or by calling at:

Requests should include name, address, phone number, organization represented, purpose of the presentation or pertinent background information. Requests must be in writing and reach the superintendent by noon at least fourteen (14) calendar days before the meeting to be considered for the agenda.