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Escape Portal
The Escape Portal provides all school district employees with online access to their pay stubs, W-2 information, and sick/vacation leave balances. 
Registration information is provided in the following Quick Start Guide: 
Pay Periods

Pay Periods

Certificated Regular Employees & Classified Regular Employees:
  • Pay Period:  1st through end of month
  • Pay Date:  Last business day of the month
Certificated, Classified Substitutes & Other Supplemental Pay:
  • Pay Period: 1st through end of month
  • Pay Date:  10th of the following month (or the Friday prior to the 10th if the 10th falls on a weekend)




Deducted From Sick Leave Balance

  • Sick Leave: Sick leave is for a necessary absence from duty due to the employee's own illness, injury other than a job-related injury, maternity, or medical/dental appointment. 
  • Personal Necessity: Deducted from Sick Leave Balance - You can may use your Personal Necessity the following reasons:
    • Death or illness of an immediate family member
    • Accident (an unforeseen or unplanned event or circumstance) involving the employee’s person or property, or the person or property of a member of his/her immediate family
    • Appearance in court under an official order
    • Work in child a child's classroom or child field trip (1 per year)
    • Classified Employees - Used to attend to legal matters or any matter affecting the well-being of the employee or a member of the immediate family.
    • Certificated Employees - Must state reason in notes. Used in situations which compel the unit member to attend a serious matter during the work day, because the matter can neither be accomplished at any other time nor reasonably disregarded. Leave for this purpose is justified if a reasonable person would agree that the unit member was compelled to be absent for personal business, immediate family illness or immediate family reasons which could not be addressed outside work time. Absence for vacation, recreation, concerted activities, work stopage, seeking employment, shopping, traveling, personal monetary gain is not allowed. Other similar absence, not of an urgent nature which can be accomplished at other than work time does not qualify. 
  • Personal Business: Deducted from Sick Leave Balance -  No reason necessary - Cannot be taken before or after a holiday or school break. 

Not Deducted from Sick Leave Balance

  • Bereavement Leave - In State:  3 Days Bereavement leave is provided to all regular employees in the event of the death of any member of the immediate family.
  • Bereavement Leave - Out of State: 5 Days Bereavement leave is provided to all regular employees in the event of the death of any member of the immediate family where the employee must travel out of state.
  • Jury duty:  Jury leave is provided for any employee who is called to serve jury duty in any court during regularly assigned working hours

Member of the immediate family is defined as:

  • The mother, father, step-parent, grandmother, grandfather, grandchild, or step-grandchild of the employee or employee’s spouse;
  • The spouse, son, son-in-law, daughter, daughter-in-law, brother, sister, brother-in-law, sister-in-law, or step-child of the employee;
  • Or anyone living in the immediate household of the employee.
Reporting a Leave

Reporting a Leave

To enter an absences or leave please log in to Frontline at least 1 hour prior to the start of your shift.  Any entries after your shift has started will need to be entered by your supervisor. 
Payroll Forms

Payroll Forms