Eureka Union
School District

The Eureka Union School District welcomes the diversity of more than two dozen different primary languages spoken by our families. Many students from these families speak English as competently as they speak Urdu, Filipino, Spanish, or Ukrainian, (just four examples); but many of our students who have some fluency in languages other than English, still struggle with many of English's complexities. For these students the Eureka Union School District offers different levels of support.

Our English Learner students are taught by specially certificated staff who have had much supplemental training on how to best meet the varied needs of these students.

District goals for our EL students are two-fold: to attain competency in English as swiftly as possible, while meeting State Standards for the Core Curriculum.

Students who may need these EL supports are identified by either the Home Language Survey (part of the registration packet) or by the child's teacher. The State-mandated test called the CELDT…California English Language Development Test… is given to this population of students to not only identify initially but also follow the academic growth of our English Learners. If you would like more information about the CELDT, click here.

Families of our English Learner community are always welcome to attend our English Learner Advisory Committee (ELAC) meetings and our District English Learner Advisory Committee (DELAC) meetings. We encourage your input and ideas about ways to improve our program. Feel free to email Dr. Ginna Myers, Director of Curriculum & Instruction, Professional Development and Student Assessments, for upcoming meeting dates and times.
Please click on the link to the May 19 DELAC Zoom meeting recording below.

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