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Herbs to Add for Soup in a Jar Event

Food Items to Add for Soup in a Jar Event

Staff Participating at Soup in a Jar Event

Wellness Event - Soup in a Jar!

Cooking workshop prepped items.

Four smiling staff ESF Fund Run Runners at the finish!

Balance Buttons Welcome Staff Back to School

Staff flexing in front of District Office.

Healthy food choices from cooking class.

BREATHE shirt for Wellness participation.

Keep Hydrated, EUSD!

EUSD Blood Drive

Staff showing off BREATHE shirts in front of District Office.

Healthy Selfie Challenge

Heart Awareness Workshop

Staff Wellness in EUSD

Staff Wellness in EUSD

Eureka Union takes pride in keeping our students healthy, and modeling that through our own lifestyle choices. Over last two school years, employees participated in a "Healthy Selfie" challenges and a "Healthy Trails" challenge. Several workshops were held on heart health, mindfulness, diabetes, and healthy eating. A partnership was rekindled with Blood Source, and many EUSD employees donated blood to help save lives. Many opportunities for employees to join local area gyms at a reduced cost were shared and well received. Finally, water filters have been introduced at every school site staff lounge to keep us Happy, Healthy and HYDRATED!! 

Last school year, our District theme was "Breathe, and this year we are focused on "Balance"". Lives can become very busy, rushed, and demand alot of us. How do you recognize when that happens, and what do you do to try to pull yourself back into balance with work, health, family, and self? This year, we will focus on ways to do that with bimonthly focus areas and ways to keep healthy and balanced throughout the school year.
We certainly want to thank Schools Insurance Group (SIG) for providing us with the grant monies which allow us to provide these opportunities to our staff for FREE!
Be well, EUSD! :)
EUSD Wellness Activites

EUSD Wellness Activites

Local Opportunities for Healthy Movement!

Local Opportunities for Healthy Movement!

                               The California Family Fitness logo
9Round 30 minute kickbox fitness 
 The Johnson Ranch Racquet Club