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Chromebooks 1:1

Chromebooks 1:1

For students in grades, 2nd  through 8th Eureka Union School District provides a 1:1 Chromebook experience. Students are provided with a Chromebook to use with digital curriculum, and applications, and to learn new skills such as coding with Skratch and engineering with Vex.
Chromebook Protection Plan

Chromebook Protection Plan

At the beginning of each school year, parents have the option of signing up their student for the Chromebook Protection Plan. This plan covers damaged Chromebooks such as cracked screens, key functionality, and other mechanical failures. For more information on the Chromebook Protection plan click here.
Chromebook Repair Cost without Insurance

Chromebook Repair Cost without Insurance

Estimated Cost
Screen Replacement
Keyboard $99
1 Keyboard Key Replacement $40
2 Keyboard Keys Replacement $80
3+ Keyboard Keys Replacement $99
Bezel (Frame Around Screen) $50
Cover (Front or Back) $99
Headphone Jack $99
Touch Pad $99
Webcam $99
Integrated USB Port On System Board $200
System Board $200
Charger (with or without Insurance) $30
Chromebook (New) $250
Chromebook (Used) Information Technology Replacement Price List