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Bus Pass Application

All Online Bus Pass Applications will be processed online via ASB Works.

**Due to Bus Driver shortages, bus routes may be canceled at a moments notice**

Annual Full Day: $400
Annual Half Day: $210
Fall Full Day: $210
Fall Half Day: $120
4 Ride Punch Card: $10
Fall Bus Passes are valid from August 14, 2024 - December 19, 2024
Bus Passes are subject to limited supply due to bus seating capacity
Bus Pass Refund

Bus Pass Refund

A pro-rated refund for returned bus passes will be issued for following reasons and subject to a $10.00 service charge:

  1. A student who subsequently is reassigned to a special education program and whose IEP requires special transportation.
  2. Students who experience extended illnesses in excess of fifteen consecutive school days.
  3. Students moving out of the busing area.
  4. Students who possess an annual pass and are denied transportation in the first semester of the school year for the remainder of the year due to disciplinary reasons.