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Completion of Application:

Completion of Application:

  1. Provide all information requested in the tables on the application.
  2. If applying for free transportation, please complete all information on the application and provide verification of income.  Income from all household members, even non-family members, must be reported. List all children in the household in Section I, even those not of school age.
  3. Kindergarten and newly enrolled students must submit a photo with the application. Wallet size or large or e-mail .JPG file is acceptable.
  4. If purchasing a half day/one direction pass, please indicate if the pass is for the AM or PM school run.  Remember if the half day/one direction pass is chosen, the student will only be able to utilize the transportation service at that time of day.
  5.  Be careful in choosing a bus stop location.  Possession of a current pass entitles a student to ride to and from the designated school and bus stop on the assigned bus.  Reassignment to a different bus or a different stop can be accomplished through written request to the Transportation Supervisor at a charge of $10.00.  The old pass must accompany the request. If a bus stop location is not indicated by the parent on the application, a bus stop will be assigned by the transportation staff.  Per transportation rules and regulations, students planning to get off the bus anywhere other than their normal bus stop must take a note from their parent/guardian to their school office and receive an office pass for the temporary change.
Refunds, Replacements and Pro-rations for Bus Passes:

Refunds, Replacements and Pro-rations for Bus Passes:

In the event a transportation pass is lost or stolen, the parent/guardian should call the transportation office, 774-1231.  Replacement passes will be issued at 5461 Eureka Road, Ste. 2, Granite Bay, CA  95746 for a $10.00 fee. 

A  mutilated pass must be replaced upon notification by the Transportation Department. A service charge of $10.00.
A refund will be issued for bus passes for the following reasons and subject to a $10.00 service charge:
  1. A student who subsequently is reassigned to a special education program and whose individual education program requires special transportation.
  2. Students who experience extended illnesses in excess of fifteen consecutive school days.
  3. Students moving out of the busing area.
  4. Students who possess an annual pass and are denied transportation in the first semester of the school year for the remainder of the year due to disciplinary reasons.
A written request for refund along with the bus pass must be sent directly to the Transportation Office and should contain the following information: Name of Student, date that the pass would no longer be used, reason for refund, school of attendance and address where the refund is to be sent. No refund will be made for single ride punch cards.

In the event conditions beyond the control of the District prevents the District from providing the expected transportation services, the liability of the District will be limited to the refund of fees for that portion of the services not made available.