Eureka Union
School District

Transportation Office 

Transportation Office is located at
5461 Eureka Rd., Suite 2, Granite Bay, CA
Hours are 9:00 AM-4:00 PM

Phone Number:  916.774.1231

Bill Burch, Transportation Supervisor
Chris Vitale, Operations Clerk

Transportation Procedures for Bus Riders  
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  • A valid bus pass for the appropriate route and stop must be in the possession of the pass holder each time prior to boarding the school bus. Student must only use assigned bus stop. 
  • While waiting at the bus stop, students shall practice social distancing of at least 6ft of each other. All students must wear a face mask during the entire time of waiting at the bus stop and the duration of bus route including loading and unloading procedures. 
  • Students will be required to sit in the first available seat loading from the back to the front.   There will be very limited seating - one student per bench. Students will not be permitted to choose or “save” their seats.  
  • The existing rules of no eating or drinking on school buses are strictly enforced. 
  • At designated school bus stop, students must disembark from front to back to eliminate any unnecessary passing of other students.  

Foggy Day/Inclement Weather Policy
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Foggy or inclement weather may result in service delays or cancellations. By law, school buses are prohibited from traveling when there is less than 200 feet of visibility in each direction. Parents are advised to listen to or watch local television and radio stations for weather updates and service delays. You may also call our Office at (916) 774-1231 for updates. Students should not stand at the bus stop longer than 30 minutes beyond the usual bus arrival time. Remember, while the sun may have broken through in your area, your bus may still be experiencing delays.

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