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Parent/Guardian Involvement

Board Policy 1250: Parent/Guardian Involvement

Board Policy 1250: Parent/Guardian Involvement

The Governing Board recognized that student achievement and conduct improve when parents/guardians are involved in the education of their children. Principals and teachers shall communicate frequently with the home in ways that encourage parental response. Teachers shall provide advice and directions that enable parents/guardians to help their children review and reinforce the skills that are being developed in class. The Board encourages staff training in effective communication with the home. The District shall include parent involvement strategies as a component of instructional planning.

The Board encourages parents/guardians to serve as volunteers in the schools and to attend student performances, parent meetings and Board meetings.

The schools shall offer parents/guardians opportunities to enhance parenting skills which make home environments conductive to learning.

Parents/guardians of children enrolled in Title I remedial instruction programs shall have regular opportunities to make recommendations on the educational needs of their children and on ways in which they can help their children to derive benefits from these programs.

The district shall invite all parents/guardians of eligible children to attend at least one public meeting each year in order to discuss Title I programs and activities and solicit parent's input. Parents shall be informed of their right to consult in the design and implementation of Title I programs. The district shall assist parent in setting up a framework for networking among parents/guardians, teachers and agency officials.

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